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Model: 10001001
Long reach faucet 1-way 1/4" M. - 1/8"F. Old brassColumn tap with black lever and two-bend barrel for refrigerator or purifier. Length of thread for installation 2 cm.Connections:1/4” M. - 1/8”F...
Model: 425216
Everpure QL2B filter headDesigned exclusively for Everpure cartridges .Construction solid and durable, low profile, It have equal dimensions to diameter of cartridge for all restricted space.Guaranteed against wear and corrosion.All parts have exceeded NSF test for duration, strength of materials, l..
Model: 10001003
Dorma short faucet 1-way 1/4"Height 13 cm.Connections:1/4”..
Model: 10001006
BLACK PUSH BUTTON FOR STANDARD TAP *For models: 10001003 * 10001005..
Model: 10001011
Desai electronic faucet 1-way 1/4"The Item work only if installed with Jade-Greta R.O. system.Connections:1/4’’..
Model: 10001024-CR
Long reach 1-way under window faucet 1/4" ChromeColumn tap for under window installation. Total height 8,8 cm.Connections:1/4”..
Model: 14000101
* Height x Diameter: 305x125mm* Input / Output: 1/4" NPT female* Material and color of the container: White Polypropylene* Material O-ring: EPDM* Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar / 120 psi* Material of quick fitting: Plastic (Jaco 1/4")* Cartridge: Carbon Filter 9 7/8" (250mm)* Internal Composition..
Model: 04104101-01
FILTERMAX MANUAL- CLEANING FILTER-3/4" - 80 micronManual washable filter with stainless steel filtering mesh (80 micron).Installation system designed for an horizontal tube. Manual blow-off valve at the bottom. (3/8" thread connector 3/8" tube.) Inlet pressure gauge included. Plastic support and acc..
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