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Model: 01001203
Measuring flow capacity of filterThe DigiFlow 6000R is a flow totalizer with LCD display. It displays the accumulated volume flowing through. Both of the gallon and liter models are available. Accumulated volume displayed up to 99999 gallons and 99999 liters. Monitoring up to five filter volume..
Model: 425216
Everpure QL2B filter headDesigned exclusively for Everpure cartridges .Construction solid and durable, low profile, It have equal dimensions to diameter of cartridge for all restricted space.Guaranteed against wear and corrosion.All parts have exceeded NSF test for duration, strength of materials, l..
Model: 108327
Everpure 4CMicro-Pure I filtering media 0,5 micron rating density. It removes giardia cysts and cryptosporidium, asbestos fibers, bad taste and odor, chlorine, dirt, rust, invisible particles, mold and algae. It also reduces oxidized iron, manganese and sulphate.* Ideal for drinking and cooking in m..
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Model: 20020503-004
Futura 3M replacement CB quick-fit filter 4.000lt. - 2lt./min. - 0,5 micron..
Model: 16016104
SODA REFILL CANISTER CO2 425g 60LThe refilling of carbon dioxide bottles is done by returning your old bottle either to our place or by sending it or by receiving it from your place by our representativeThe cylinder is compatible with all types of SODAMAKER for the preparation of carbon in your..
Model: 111233
SODAMAKER CO2 CYLINDER CO2 425g 60ltThe cylinder is compatible with all types of SODAMAKER for the preparation of carbon in your space...
Model: 01001101
WATER METER AT PROGRESSIVE NUMERATION WITH CONNECTORSWater's counter at only jet super Dry with dry quadrant.Quadrant's size: 20mm* direct reading with 8 roller* Inlet/Outlet connections: 3/4" male thread(it is provided with 2 junctions 1/2" male thread* maximum flow rate: 3,125m3/h* 360° adjustable..
Model: 10001002
Column tap with black lever for refrigerator or purifier. It is available in various colours.Connections:1/4” M. - 1/8”F...
Model: 10001003
Dorma short faucet 1-way 1/4"Height 13 cm.Connections:1/4”..
Model: 10001006
BLACK PUSH BUTTON FOR STANDARD TAP *For models: 10001003 * 10001005..
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