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Aquais 80 2-way table top cooler for cold water + ambient

Aquais 80 2-way table top cooler for cold water + ambient
Aquais 80 2-way table top cooler for cold water + ambient
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The most compact cooler in the world which supplies chilled and ambient water with sparkling as optional. So small it can be put in any kitchen. Continuous supply of up to three carafes of water. Truly extraordinary capacity given its size. Almost completely silent thanks to carefully chosen components in both the refrigeration and carbonating circuits. New refrigeration chambers in stainless steel with silver particles with sanitising and antibacterial properties. Professional carbonator for precise regulation of the quantity of gas supplied in the drink, adjustable according to personal taste. All components chosen with reliability and durability in mind.

Improve the heat exchange mechanism and hygiene levels in products with refrigeration chambers. Liquid enters via nozzles, creating a vortex around the refrigeration chamber walls, which increases the efficiency of the heat exchange and also eliminates the possibility of stagnation. Water oxidizes the silver particles releasing ions which carry out a proved bactericidal action.

Connections 20030028-001
* Water inlet: DMfit bulkhead 1/4" male.

Connections 20030028-002
* Water inlet: DMfit 1/4" bulkhead quick fit.
* Co2 inlet: DMfit 1/4" bulkhead quick fit.

TO PURCHASE WITH MOD. 20030028-002:
Can be mounted disposable or rechargeable Co2 cylinder, just choose one of the two Co2 pressure reducers.
* 01012004-01 SR-02 Co2 pressure reducer for disposable cylinder.
* 01012010-01 SR-02 Co2 pressure reducer for rechargeable cylinder.
* D005-AMCBT0402 - Straight adaptor OD Tube - BSPT thread 1/4" x 1/8.
* R000669-01 Teflon roll.
Depending on the pressure reducer, it's possible to mount disposable or rechargeable Co2 cylinder:
* 19019002 Disposable Co2 steel cylinder 0,600gr.
* 19019001-06 Aluminum Co2 cylinder rechargeable 1,5Kg.
* 19019001-03 Steel Co2 cylinder rechargeable 4Kg. with residual valve.

* Water filter not included in the product code.


Power supply:
220-230V / 50Hz - Schuko European plug
Dispensed products:
Cold + Ambient water
1/15 hp
Cooling system:
Silver turbo clean Ice bank
Cooling capacity:
(ambient temp. - lt./h.) 32°C.-6lt./h.~18°C.-19lt./h.
Temperature adjustment:
M = Mechanical
Connection to the water mains:
Water and refrigerant GAS tubes:

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