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Digiflow Meter LCD volume in liters (for filter ) 6000R

Digiflow  Meter LCD volume in liters (for filter ) 6000R
Digiflow Meter LCD volume in liters (for filter ) 6000R
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Measuring flow capacity of filter
The DigiFlow 6000R is a flow totalizer with LCD display. It displays the accumulated volume flowing through. Both of the gallon and liter models are available. Accumulated volume displayed up to 99999 gallons and 99999 liters. 

Monitoring up to five filter volume capacity

Besides the totalization function, the DigiFlow 6000R is programmable to monitor up to five filters in volume capacity from 100 to 9900 gallons (gallon model) or 500 to 99500 liters (liter model). The LCD of the DigiFlow 6000R blinks the filter number and generates an audible alert when the monitoring volume capacity of the specific filter reaches the end.
The DigiFlow 6000R comes with a 3/ 8” NPT female thread, which is adapted to most of the fittings to connect with filters.

No external power needed. The DigiFlow 6000R is operated by two AAA alkaline batteries which power lasts more than one year . The last status data will be automatically memorized when the battery power is off.
The DigiFlow 6000R is applied for water filters, water dispensers and coolers.

Install Batteries
Slide off the cover case of the battery room, and put into 2 AAA batteries. Then slide the cover case back.

Connecting Fitting
The specification of the DigiFlow 6000R connectors is 3/8” MNPT female. You could use any 3/8” MNPT male connectors.

Setting Filter Capacity
Keep pressing DISPLAY button, then press RESET button and release both of the buttons. The
DigiFlow 6000R will go into setting procedure. The digit will blink “FLT 1” four times, then blink “ OFF” to notice you that the setting procedure is on. Press DISPLAY button to choose the
capacity value. The sequence is OFF - 0 – 100 – 200 – 300 …… 19800 – 19900 – OFF – 0 –100 (gallon model) and OFF - 0 –500 – 1000 --- 99500 – OFF – 0 – 500 (Liter model). Then press RESET button to save the filter capacity value.
* If the setting value is “OFF”, the monitor function of the dedicated filter will be disable.

The DigiFlow 6000R will be automatically turn on when there is water flowing through the sensor. It will automatically turn off in 10 seconds when there is no water flowing. The DigiFlow 6000R display the total flowing volume.

Check Filter Remaining Capacity
Press DISPLAY button will display the remaining capacity of each filter. The DigiFlow 6000R will blink the dedicated filter twice, then blink the remaining capacity twice. For example, “FLT 1”, then“ 988 ltr”, then “ FLT 2” …….. After display all remaining capacity of each filter, the DigiFlow 6000R goes back to display the total flowing volume.

End o Life Alert
When there is any filter remaining capacity reaches 0 gallon (liter), the buzzer will beep twice and
the DigiFlow 6000R will blink the dedicated filter, for example, like “ FLT 2” to notice user that
the 2nd filter cartridge is in its end of life, and out of function. In the alert status, user press
DISPLAY button is not able to check the remaining capacity of each filter, but to display the total flowing volume.
After change the dedicated filter cartridge, press RESET button. The remaining capacity of the
dedicated filter cartridge be reset to the original setting value. And the alert status is released.
For example, if user set the capacity of the “FLT 1” and “FLT 2” as 500 gallons and 1000 gallons.
When the total flowing volume reaches 500 gallons, the DigiFlow 6000R will go into alert status,
and blink “ FLT 1 ” when there is water flowing through. However the DigiFlow 6000R will keep
calculate the total flowing volume and monitor the other filter. When user change the 1st filter
cartridge and press RESET button at the total flowing volume 520 gallons. The end of life alert of
the 1st filter cartridge will be at 1020 gallons (520 + 500 gallons).

Low Battery Power Alert
When the battery power lower than normal working level, the buzzer will beep twice to notice and the battery symbol on the screen will blink to notice user to change the battery. Once the batteries are replaced, the alert will be released. The data will be kept in memory and stored back when user replace the batteries.

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